3 comments on “Opinion

  1. Well, soldiers are murderers, and they do kill innocent civilians of Foreign lands for Corporation interests abroad, and record breaking profit contrary to the will of the people – I guess that would make soldiers, the enemy of the American population,… unwittingly perhaps, but still our enemy – I have no doubt that when the fearless leaders purposely collapse the economy, American soldiers , along with Nato soldiers will be killing Americans in the street.

    • While your main body line get’s me all fired up! You can only say that if you know that the soldiers maliciously go into war with an intent to kill for the joy of killing!. Most people become soldiers for the pay, education and stability of living expense while not truly understanding that they could one day have to stand and fight to save this land and our freedom. You are na├»ve to believe that all soldiers are murderers. Wow! There are some many things you are uninformed about. Start by reading our constitution. Then think about Japan and Pearl harbor. Now you know that the Japanese was ordered to fight to take our country over and we fought to keep it, So we should just turn the other cheek and let anyone come in destroy us take what they want and take over? When I hear comments like this I believe I am talking to a child cause once I was a child and wondered Daddy, why are we at war? then I grew up and understand that war is inevitable for our existence as we know it. The Indians fought to keep their land and to take land they wanted. This has been a part of existence. Furthermore my son was wounded in Ft Hood TX by a terrorist that they called work place violence and you want to say soldiers are murders!! well your right, that one was, but he gets to have 3 hot’s and a cot in a military prison and refuse to shave cause of his religion. You need education on the facts. Yes soldiers kill, they are trained to kill and have killed innocent people, but a lot worse has happened that you should be concerned with!!

      • this is in reply to Soldier’s Deserve to die website on facebook petition that directed me here. Not sure why, but I was too mad to see where I was at before I started commenting. If you have no affiliation with this site (I hope) then help get it shut down!!

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