15 comments on ““Soldiers Deserve to Die – They’re Murderers”

  1. All I gotta say is they ARE murderers “Definition-‘Murder’ is the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human, and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter).” They know what they got into… let them be murderers, god will judge them.

    • I approved your comments because I believe in free speech not because I agree with you. I hope you feel the same way about abortions.

    • yes. Sorry, BUT I tend to agree, They are murderers. That is what they are trained to do. I feel very sorry for them and They do not really deserve to die, cause ” The young men (most of them) are brain washed to think they are doing the right thing. They for the majority ,” know not what they do”. It is our GREEDY PIG government who are doing the Disgusting DEED of teaching others that killing is nessacacery . THEY ARE THE SLIME who priibe the very young with a great job & travel and Insurance for their young family for life! THEY ARE the ONES WHO DESERVE to get their KARMA & THEY WILL with no help from me!!

      • They are the instrument of War, However if you want to call someone a murderer it should be our government for paying for abortions. I appreciate your comments as always I welcome everyone’s comments. I approved your comments because I believe in free speech not because I agree with you.

    • They deserve to die more than the innocent victims/collateral damage of the wars in which they are involved. They joined their armies with full knowledge that they would be KILLING OTHER PEOPLE and that they may also be killed. They seem OK with both of those things – their choice.
      The more soldiers who die, the more governments and citizens of their countries will lose their enthusiasm for war and the sooner they will be brought home.
      I am sorry for them and their families – a death is always a tragedy – but you reap what you sow and better that a trained killer dies than the women, children and non-combatants who are caught in the cross-fire.

  2. first off i am and will always be a solider i was hurt defending a country full of people who can say whatever they want to and thats fine but before you all judge me and my brothers and sisters in the military stop and think how it feels to have a whole country that you want to help want you died and every day you are there they try and kill you then when you go home you have the people who supposed to be your back you solid ground talk crap and say what you did is wrong well you know what forget all of you people because if we dont do or sacrafice what we did then you all would be the first to drop to your knees and put our enimeys dick in your mouths just to save your own lives as they took over our country because if you think talking nicely and saying please dont bomb us will work then you just plain stupid sincerly you a TRUE AMERICAN!!!!!!

  3. “Soldiers deserve to die, because they knew what they were getting into…” Did you know what you were getting into when you bought the chicken, beef, or pork that you had for dinner tonight? Did you know what you were getting into when you were a 17 year old kid trying to protect what you loved? Did you know what you were getting into when you DIDN’T have the balls to put your life on the line for ANYTHING? Petty infants hiding behind the “security” of the internet. You will bring your souls to the table, too. You will be accountable for your lacking, too… And who died and made YOU the one in charge of who should account and who shouldn’t? 5 seconds of thought should make it clear to a parrot that you are no more capable of judgement than any one of them. Condemn all you like… YOU are the pawn fulfilling someone else’s of electing officials to send other pawns to war in your stead, while you slave away for the banks that fund the whole process. You people are a fucking joke. I’m over it.

  4. To Anthony, Thomas, & Jancie I have survived my country for over 30 year, I have been shot at, have survived rocket & motor attacks. Screwed up my back jumping out of a perfectly good helicopter. I server in Vietnam, many covert ops and Desert Storm before I retired. If you read the post it said “Demand FaceBook take this Video down” It should have also said get YouTube to take it down also. Now that out of the way I have worked diligently to get the video removed now for about a year. If you go to YouTube you will not find any contact info. However I finally see where today a search on YouTube the video no longer shows up. I posted this on our blog to raise awareness that there are stupid people out there that want to disgrace us/out military/our families. They will continue to promote lies about our military. The reason I posted this was to get you and others angry enough to help in getting this video pulled. I am glad to got pissed off. If you read two other comments that were posted they agreed with the video. I still believe in free speech so I left their comments posted. In closing thanks for your comments, Thanks for your service and welcome Home. I hope you consider following our Blog we do our best to keep our Veterans and their families informed.
    Respectfully, USA Vet

  5. My name is Stephen and Im a 100 % Disabled American Combat Veteran…101st Airborne Division…Mogadishu, Somalia (BlackHawk Down). Let me clear up a definition for u…murder is an unjustified, unsactioned killing..committed for the benefit of the killer…to the idiots that beleive soldiers are the murderers…we are just the instrument used to kill…the american public and its elected leaders condone and sanction war…soldiers dont make policy…we carry out policy you bafoons…we dont make it. But you can not take our honor..we live a life based on the words honor and duty..we make the decisions and bear the psychological scars of obeying orders that put us in harms way…we alone carry unfathomable responsibility not only for actions..but for the will of the american government…and its people….You people have no idea what it takes to defend a republic….why dont you grab a rifle and stand a post? Because you critical bastards are cowards as well…

    • You can’t really believe the crap you spew? You always had the option NOT to be the murdering implementation of a murdering government’s policy. How can you claim honor in killing someone else – or being a party to the killing ON “ORDERS OF SOMEONE ELSE” theres no honor in that, merely the carrying out unnamed coward’s wishes. Honorable people would stand up and do their own dirt and then take the consequenses, not order it done.

  6. A Soldier Zachary Willis wrote..Zachary Wills I’ll put it this way. I’m in Afghanistan, at this very moment, serving my country and the Afghan people. There’s no financial gain from being in this country, no oil, no minerals that we own, nothing. Yet we’re apparently fighting for money? If this were the case, then who are the Taliban fighting for? The preservation of their people? Hardly. We (ISAF forces) fight to preserve the Afghan people and actually give them a fighting chance at running their own nation. Even now ISAF forces are slowly handing over command points, COPs and FOBs to President Hamid Karzai and the Afghan people, teaching the ANA and ANP how to maintain security in their own nation. Let me guess, you’re going to say puppet government next right? Tell me, which government is better, the Taliban, who outlawed ANY form of religious worship other than what they decreed, the teaching of girls and who beheaded anyone on spot they chose to, or the ISAF appointed President Hamid Karzai who was re-elected into office by the Afghan people? Well, Karzai doesn’t throw acid in the faces of little girls who learn to read and doesn’t hang Western sympathizers simply because their beliefs differ from him. So I’ll take Karzai and company any day of the week. Let me guess though, all of that is a lie fed and brainwashed into me by our evil Jewish overlords right? The very idea of what your one-size fits all rage and hate-filled answer will be makes me chuckle, it really does, because it’s so far out there, blinded and ignorant that it’s nothing BUT hilarious. Oh, and the video above from Wikileaks, if you do further research into it, or if you were a Squint you’d be able to tell that there were armed individiauls with that news reporter, because the news reporter and team were inserted into an insurgency cell with their own bodyguards to film the anti-coalition forces fighting. They did this without informing the local ISAF personnel and paid the price for their stupidity. It’s a shame they died, but I’ll feel no pity for the fool who jumps in front of a bullet and thinks he won’t die.

    Now, feel free to try and light me up with your “facts” that are nothing but eschewed bits and pieces of information you’ve warped to fit your own cause. Money says though, the first thing you accuse me of is being brainwashed. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. :)\

    In behalf of the soldiers i copied and posted his.. God Bless Our Soldiers!!
    I myself am a Vietam Veteran..

  7. It also depends on what the fight is. If you are defending your life, your loved ones and your home, then you have a choice – fight or die.
    The war that many western countries are involved in, in the Middle East, is not a fight for survival or even FREEDOM, as it is portrayed. That 16 year old kid with a Kalashnikov in Afganistan is NEVER going to shoot you in your house in suburban Nabraska. The Muslim world is NOT going to invade London or impose Sharia Law in Australia. We may not like how they do things in their countries, but they are THEIR COUNTRIES. We should leave.

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