8 comments on “UPDATE: Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States

    • What if this wasn’t symbolic and it really happens? what about all thr retiree’s in those states? Do we still have our benefits? I voted this election and I didn’t like what happened, it ‘s what it is. I’m worried now about States talking about a seperation that could mean problems for Vets who have served this great nation. It’s not just pay, we also have medical to think about.

      • Dan I don’t know all the answers. I do know it will take each state government to start any posses to secede from the union. Very doubtful that will happen. I do know lots of us are very dissatisfied with the liberals in control right now. I am all for helping our citizens and for sure our Veterans. I just think our entitlement programs are out of control this coupled with all the money sent to countries that do not like us or want to kill us needs to stop! I surely value your comments!

  1. Usavet I am also a fellow vet but the things that you listed have been going for about 20 years. So from now own when we don’t like a president that is voted in we will try to leave the country? I don’t agree with everything that the government is doing but I have never seen this much disrespect towards a president ever. I guess those who don’t get the president they want should just start a petition the next day from now on.

    So everyone is complaining ate there any solutions to the problem? And not the general idea of cutting spending either. We all know that need to take place.

    My last comment is did everyone file petitions during the Great Depression when the economy sucked? How about petitioning the non-agreeing people in congress and the senate to work on the issues that the people want “TOGETHER” and not following their own agendas and beliefs, then maybe we can get more accomplished in this country. This are turning around just society wants everything fixed now instead of letting things run their course.

    • I fully agree with you the reason for makeing the post was receive comments like yours. We both know this is the Best Country in the world. I will post a lot of things that are not necessarily my beliefs or positions. I did not sign the petition nor will I. By the way I am looking for someone like you to become a guest editor who is willing to post on my blog once or twice a week or even once a month. If interested let me know. As always I am interested in your comments. Thanks,Dan

  2. Thank you for your response, and I agree with you about where money is being spent. As a Vereran I wouldn’t sign a petion because I fought for our country. thanks for the post

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