3 comments on “Memorial Plaque Dedication Honoring Veterans Of The Vietnam War

  1. I am a grandchild of Colonel William B. Nolde; the last official combat casualty of the Vietnam War. Are you aware that his legacy has been continued on through his children’s service, grandchildren’s service, and his legacy foundation? I established his Legacy Foundation, The Warriors Roadtrip Network Foundation (WRTN); a registered non-profit | 501(c)3 tax exempt organization which honors Vietnam War Era Veterans and current Veterans for their service and sacrifices.

    WRTN creates road trips that provide therapeutic serenity for Wounded Warriors, Veterans, First Responders, and Children with Special Needs, to enjoy with their families.

    I encourage you to learn more about WRTN and visit the Official Website of Colonel William B. Nolde.

    Michelle Nolde-Pease
    Founder . CEO . Warriors Roadtrip Network
    http://www.warriorsroadtrip.org . http://www.williamnolde.com . warriorsroadtrip@gmail.com

  2. Michelle thanks for your comments we honor your grandfather as well as all Vietnam War Veterans. I will be sending photos to you of the Memorial. I have already sent a copy of the program. We are commorating the Vietnam moving Wall being here and the signing of the Vietnam Peace Accords being signed 40 year’s ago

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